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DISTRICT 25 Ottawa-Carleton

District 25 Ottawa-Carleton

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OSSTF Sponsored  Event.

Join Your OSSTF Co-workers at the Rally.  Too many workers have part-time work with no benefits. Families Welcome. 

Contact Susan Rab by email.  OSSTF is reserving seats on the ODLC Buses. 

Rally for Decent Work 

Ottawa and District Labour Council  Buses

Saturday, October 1, 2016

- St. Laurent Shopping Centre (near East Side Mario)

  6:00 am Sign in...  6:15 am (Sharp) Departure

IKEA Shopping Centre (Greenbank & Iris)

  6:15 am Sign in... 6:30 am (sharp) Departure

Return to Ottawa about 8:30 pm

Reserve your seat today!

OSSTF - Susan Rab (mail)

ODLC - 613-233-7820  or Jennifer@ottawalabour.com


Sunday, September 25th is Franco-Ontarian Day. 

President, Paul Elliott's MESSAGE

 Every Child Matters Button

OSSTF/FEESO recognizes Friday, Sept. 30, 2016 as Orange Shirt Day

??? Orange Shirt Day - what is that??? >> ANSWER

Truth or Myth?  Does the car you buy affect your insurance?  Click Answer   

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OSSTF Members get discounts at over 50 businesses, including Goodlife Fitness and the Ottawa Senators. 


Financial Literacy - How much do you know? 

Take the Challenge and get a chance to win $2,000.    


Get help with Financial Literacy for each career stage from E.F.G.

Important Notice About School Closures & Discussions About Closures

OSSTF School Closure Notice

Click for full document. 

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  • Electoral Reform

    There are 181 countries around the world that currently use some variation of proportional representation at different levels of government. New Zealand, Germany, Mexico and Venezuela all use a form of MMP for national elections. Canada will be able to choose among tried and tested possibilities, each of which would result in slightly different results. Instead of looking for a perfect consensus on the perfect electoral system, Canadians must acknowledge that FPTP must finally be replaced, and rally around one proportional representation system to take us into the future. - Susan Rab

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