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Health and Safety
DISTRICT 25 Ottawa-Carleton

Health & Safety Committee

Safety is Everybody's Business.

Have an accident? Witness an incident? Have a concern?  See the forms (Attachments) below.

Day of Mourning
Each year District 25 OSSTF/FEESO Bargaining Units lay roses at the CLC Monument at Vincent Massey Park in Ottawa
If you would like to lay a rose, please contact your Bargainig Unit President.
Members are encouraged to attend in a non-official role too.

There are lots of Resources Here

Workers Health & Safety Centre
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Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee JOHSC

Under the Ontario Health and Safety Act, there must be a JOHSC.  Each of the seven OSSTF Bargaining Uits has a representative on this committee.  It meets monthly to review incidents and make recommendations to the Board.

Remember ALL workplace accidents, violent incidents and exposure to hazardous materials must be reported. The Forms are online. Principals and site supervisors have access. If a member is not able to access the OCDSB online version, then it is recommended a paper copy be completed (forms below). If you are unsure, contact your Bargaining Unit Representative or Executive. 


Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee Members



Randy Gerrior

Co-Chair, Employer Representative, Management
133 Greenbank, 613-596-8211 x8881 (w)

Lee-Anne Feltham

Co-Chair, Worker Representative, Ottawa Carleton
Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (OC
ETFO/FEEO) - OC ETFO/FEEO Office, 613-596-3932 (w)

Natasha Baines

Worker Representative, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’
Federation (OSSTF) – Student Support Professionals (SSP),
OSSTF Office, 613-729-7211 (w)

Terrena Bennett

Worker Representative, OSSTF – (Secondary) Occasional
Teachers’ Bargaining Unit (OTBU)
Hillcrest High School , 613-733 1755 (w)

Evan Cooper

Worker Representative, OSSTF – (Secondary) Teachers’
Bargaining Unit (TBU) OSSTF Office, 613-729-7211 (w)

Jamieson Dyer

Worker Representative, Ottawa Carleton Elementary
Occasional Teachers’ Association (OCEOTA)
OCEOTA Office, 613-221-9135 (w)

Jeff Gervais

Employer Representative, Elementary Principals
Huntley Centennial Public School, 613-839-2020 (w)

Angela Gushue

Worker Representative, OSSTF – Professional Student
Services Personnel (PSSP)
133 Greenbank, Phone: OSSTF Office, 613-729-7211 (w)

Krista Hudson

Employer Representative, Secondary Principals
133 Greenbank, 613-596-8211(w)

Deborah Langdon

Worker Representative, OSSTF – Educational Support
Professionals (ESP)
133 Greenbank, 613-596-8211 x8505 (w)

Amy Lapensee

Worker Representative, OSSTF – Professional Educators &
Child Care Staff (PECCS)
Albert Street Education Centre, 613-239-2325 (w)

Pam LeMaistre

Employer Representative, Human Resources
133 Greenbank, 613-596-8211 x8825 (w)

Ken Messervey

Employer Representative, Management Facilities
Stittsville Depot, 613-596-8790 (w)

Wanda Mills-Boone

Employer Representative, Elementary Principals
Mary Honeywell Elementary School, 613-825-4834 (w)

Don Rutherford

Worker Representative, OSSTF – Plant Support Staff Unit
(PSSU) OSSTF Office, 613-729-7211 (w)

Bill Tyers
 Worker Representative, Non-Union Employees
133 Greenbank, 613-596-8772 (w)


JOHSC Minutes from Monthly Meetings (click)

Better Safe than Sorry!           Check out the files below.

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